To create a community where there are no homeless cats or dogs

Our Values

  • We are a compassionate, collaborative and forward-thinking organization dedicated to the humane and ethical treatment of animals
  • We are focused on the protection and care of homeless and unwanted cats and dogs
  • We celebrate the power of the animal and human bond
  • We are committed to collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders and peer organizations


The Roanoke Valley SPCA is committed to transparency of information and funding sources and utilization.  To learn more about the accomplishments of our previous fiscal year, including adoption numbers and programmatic goals, review our Annual Report.  To learn more about our financial situation, you can review our most recent Audit and 990.

To learn more about the over 1,300 animals that pass through our facility annual visit the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website.   This helpful site will allow you to search all animal shelters in the Commonwealth for each year to review the numbers of animals brought in to the facility and leaving the facility including the methods of intake and disposition across the years or simply view the most recent calendar year