Adoption Ambassador Program

aa-photoAre you well connected?  Do you want to help hard-to-place pets in need?  Do you enjoy opening your home and heart to animals in need?  Is your business willing to open its doors to a cat?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Adoption Ambassador Program may be just for you. 

Adoption Ambassadors are dedicated fosters who open their heart to adult cats, hard to place dogs, and pets with medical conditions that are challenging to manage in the shelter environment.  Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA, we are able to provide all the supplies and you simply provide the home, love and networking for the pet to find his or her forever home.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this program different than in-shelter adoptions?
A: The Adoption Ambassadors give dogs and cats a better chance at finding homes by expanding your reach and engaging volunteers as adoption counselors, talent agents and foster parents at the same time. It lets adopters get more detailed information about an animal’s behavior in a home environment and improves quality of life while awaiting adoption.

Q: Are the requirements and adoption processes different for Adoption Ambassadors?
A: No, the processes mirror those done in the shelter.

Q: What animals are eligible?
A: Adult cats and dogs who can benefit from the program include those who may face a longer length of stay based on their breed, color, age or energy levels.

Q: How long is the average stay in an Adoption Ambassadors home?
A: ASPCA research into the program found that most dogs found homes within three weeks after being placed in a foster home, and some stay just a few days! We do not currently have research on cats, but hope to get data on felines as more shelters include them in their Adoption Ambassadors programs.

Q: Where do the adoptions take place?
A: Adoptions can occur on the spot, at a public place or in the foster’s home – it’s up to the Ambassador and the adopter. From there, Ambassadors are responsible for returning the payment and adoption application/survey to the shelter.

Q: Can this work in rural as well as urban settings?
A: Absolutely! Just about every town has places where people gather, and a street or two with a little foot traffic. And with Internet access becoming increasingly available in even the most rural communities, there’s always social media as a tool to help an Ambassador find a home for their foster pet.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Contact Meghann Cords, our foster coordinator via email or phone.