Adoption fees are as follows:

  • Puppies (under six months old): $249.00
  • Dogs (six months old and up, 20 pounds and under): $175.00
  • Dogs (six months old and up, over 20 pounds): $99.00
  • Kittens (under six months old): $99.00
  • Cats (six months old and up): $50.00


All pets available for adoption have been behaviorally evaluated, examined by our staff veterinarian, and treated for any health issues. They have been tested for canine/feline diseases, spayed or neutered, received routine vaccinations (appropriate to their age), been microchipped, and have received a heavy dose of love and attention from all of our staff and volunteers.  

As a private, non-profit animal shelter, our adoption fees do not begin to cover the cost of the medical care, treatment, and sheltering the animals have received.  We rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and foundations to support our life-saving work!