Going above and beyond!

The Adoption Ambassador program asks for the help of select volunteers and businesses in Roanoke as well as the surrounding areas to help the Roanoke Valley SPCA find loving forever homes for our shelter pets. This program works similarly to our Foster program and turns the Adoption Ambassador into an adoption advocate for their shelter pet.

Unfortunately, some of the animals that come into our facility do not thrive in the shelter environment. This can cause a decline in their health and wellness as well as negative changes in their behavior. By allowing these animals to wait for their forever homes outside of the shelter we are decreasing stress and the negative behaviors that tend to linger in animals that have had long shelter stays.

Much like the normal Foster program, we provide all the supplies you need to care for your shelter pet in your home or business, but instead of the foster period ending after 2-3 weeks, the foster period is indefinite until your pet is adopted or they return to the shelter for adoption.

As an Adoption Ambassador, you will act as an adoption liaison for the Roanoke Valley SPCA by being the point of contact for your shelter pet’s adoption. Sometimes it is the simplest activities that give our shelter pets the exposure to potential adopters that they would not receive while in the shelter. This could be going for a walk on the Greenway with an “Adopt Me” vest on, making posts about your pet on your social media profiles, or doing meet and greets with potential adopters outside of the shelter.

For more information about our Adoption Ambassador Program please contact our Foster Coordinator or call 540.339.9505.