These dogs are pretty special.
Smooch, Cupcake, and Tamona all came from a very unfortunate situation that included a total of about 90 dogs living in one single-wide dilapidated trailer. These dogs were severely undersocialized, so they were brought to the ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center to be socialized. While there, they learn everything from learning to go up and down stairs, how to interact with people, touch exercises, riding in a car, and lots of other activities that companion animals see, smell, and do while being in a home! These dogs worked for about 4 months to learn to be dogs and live their best dog lives! This program uses a lot of “helper dogs” to help the shyer intake dogs feel more comfortable and learn to open up, so most graduates are more comfortable and feel more confident when around other dogs.
Once they graduated from the program, the ASPCA sent out a message to a variety of shelters including ours to see if we would be willing and able to take in any of the graduates and help find them homes. We had room to take in a few dogs and were thrilled when the transport arrived with Smooch, Cupcake, and Tamona. We’re working hard to make sure they feel comfortable in our care since they’ve already been through so much in the past. Our vet staff is checking them over and we can’t wait until they’re available for adoption so that we can get them into loving homes of their own!