Here at the Roanoke Valley SPCA we know a lot about dogs and cats and helping these pets and their owners.   But we are not experts in wildlife and do not have the ability to respond to wildlife emergencies.  However, we are so lucky to have the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in our Community. 
If you aren’t familiar with them, the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.  They are both state and federally licensed as a veterinary hospital and wildlife rehabilitation facility that offers quality care and veterinary treatment to native wildlife of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas.

Between their collective experience as a close-knit team of veterinarians and professional wildlife rehabilitators, they have over 75 years of experience working with wildlife in this setting. They are one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in Virginia in terms of animals, treating over 2,000 injured and orphaned animals each year.  The center is one of only three wildlife veterinary hospitals in the state, and the only one in the western half of Virginia.

Operating as an independent organization since 2000, directors Sabrina and Lucky Garvin, members of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, have acted as a resource for wildlife in Roanoke for decades. After realizing there was a desperate need for a professional veterinary hospital for wildlife in the community they transitioned their at-home operations to a fully fledged center to better serve the community of wildlife and people who were in need. As an organization they have consulted other veterinarians, at-home rehabilitators, and wildlife centers not only locally but nationwide to better improve rehabilitation conditions and standards to those based in Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and New York, and more!

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center is a team of volunteers, interns, and veterinarians including Dr. Kelli Knight (head veterinarian), Dr. Karen Thomason, and many others. Their facility specializes in native Virginia wildlife, with a strong emphasis on birds, which constitutes the majority of the 2,000+ cases admitted each year.  Intakes include raptors (eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, etc), waterfowl (including herons, ducks, and shorebirds), and migratory birds such as Chimney Swifts, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, and more!  The center even has permission and permits to rehabilitate eagles, endangered/threatened species, and bear cubs — all of which have come through their doors.

In addition to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of our native wildlife the Center also has an award-winning educational outreach program that has reached over 20,000 people in southwestern Virginia, including Roanoke Valley SPCA Veterinary Science Camp participants!

We are huge supporters of their work and once again hosting their online auction.  All money raised from this event will be given directly to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke.  You can participate by visiting:
Please join us in supporting the protection of wildlife to ensure these magnificent animals have a place alongside us for generations to come!