In our Fall Newsletter and a recent Blog Post we introduced you to Brillo.  Today, I want to share more of her story.

Brillo arrived at our shelter on an early warm spring day in April of 2023 through no fault of her own.  Her world had turned upside down when her beloved guardian, the only family she had ever known, had to move into an assisted living facility.  He wanted to ensure that Brillo was well loved and cared for, so he reached out to us at the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  While her guardian knew it was what was best for Brillo, she was left feeling lost and alone.

Adjusting to the bustling shelter environment is challenging for any dog, but was especially challenging for Brillo. She was shy, reserved, and perpetually scared, finding it hard to trust the humans around her. Every unfamiliar face was scary and her wary eyes spoke of the fear she was feeling.

Our dedicated staff saw her gentle spirit beneath the fear and patiently and tirelessly worked to earn her trust.  Our dedicated team understood that it would take time and patience to help her overcome her anxieties. Staff approached her with soft voices and gentle touches, allowing her to set the pace and respecting her boundaries.  This of course takes time, something your support allows us to do – ensure that every animal has the support and resources they need, no matter what their length of stay may be.

In the late days of June, a kind-hearted man named Sam came across Brillo’s profile on the shelter website. He felt an instant connection to her sad, soulful eyes and decided to schedule an appointment to meet her.  Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox as well as our social media channels to continue to follow Brillo’s story.

Until then, I ask you to mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 28, 2023.  This important day is Giving Tuesday, it kicks off a season of giving that enables us to help animals like Brillo – no matter how shy, scared, or in need of support services they may be.  We are only able to accomplish all that we do because of your support.


Denise Hayes

Chief Executive Officer

Roanoke Valley SPCA