Kitten season is upon us and we’re looking for fosters! We need folks willing to foster a variety of situations for our feline friends including:

  • Pregnant cats
  • Mother cats with multiple kittens in the litter
  • Sickly kittens who need extra care
  • Litters of kittens who haven’t made weight requirements for spay/neuter surgery

It is very rare that we receive a litter with only one or two kittens, so we’re really needing folks willing to foster mothers with litters that may include several kittens. We also need those who can care for pregnant cats through the time they give birth until the kittens are weaned and ready to be available for adoption. In addition, there are those cats and kittens who may be suffering from conditions like an upper respiratory infection and need medication and extra care. The need for foster homes is so great. Any help you could provide is important to the animals needing that chance to survive.

The Roanoke Valley SPCA will provide you with food, bedding, litter, crates, and all of the supplies you will need to care for the pet(s). Our veterinary staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the health of your temporary guest. Any necessary medical care for your foster pet is provided.

To find out more about our foster programs, please visit:

To sign up to become a cat/kitten foster, please fill out the online application here: