Thank you to our amazing Veterinary Technician!

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week, and we’re lucky to have an extraordinary veterinary technician on our staff! Tammy never wants to be in the spotlight and she may even be a little upset that we’re featuring her in our blog, but we can’t let this week go by without thanking her. We could tell you how much we appreciate Tammy for performing all of the technical aspects of her job flawlessly. Things like conducting examinations, assisting during operations, collecting samples, taking vital signs, and providing a variety of care for our animals. We could certainly go on and on about how Tammy ensures our shelter is a safe, healthy, and humane environment for the animals and our staff by sanitizing operating areas, sterilizing medical instruments, and keeping track of medications. However, what we really want to thank Tammy for is her absolutely amazing heart. Tammy is the kind of person who keeps us on our toes and laughing. She’s the person walking by staff offices while coaxing an imaginary animal down the hallway and dragging a leash behind her that’s not attached to anything. She’s the woman who comes to work on her day off to take a dog with behavior issues on a hike and get them out of the shelter for a day. To put it plain and simply: Tammy is paw-some! Happy National Vet Tech week to our one and only Tammy, and to all of the other phenomenal veterinary technicians out there!