How can you help your local shelter animals while they are waiting for their forever home? There are many ways that you can help the animals at the Roanoke Valley SPCA or at any shelter or rescue organization. Fun for all!

First, you can volunteer to work with the animals. Get them out and interact with them. Not only do they need physical exercise, but mental stimulation is equally important. Engage their mind by teaching them something. Every interaction you have with an animal is teaching them something! Make sure it is what you want them to learn.

If you do not have the ability to socialize the animals, you can purchase some interactive toys for them. KONG® Wobblers or Premier Twist and Treat are good ones for dogs while the KONG® Kitty Dipper Toy or the balls with bells in them are perfect for cats. The idea is to engage their mind and tire them out.

As always, more needs to be done to help them stay healthy, happy, and ready to become a member of a family. YOU can help us, help them!