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About Aggett

Aggett is a quiet and very skittish cat. She does not like loud noises, strangers in the house, another cat in the house, or the dog moving quickly toward her. The dog and she will touch noses and she’ll let the dog come up to her to sniff her. She’s been around dogs since before I started “fostering” her 12 years ago from a friend. She likes a quiet spot with me and the dog in the room. After two years having the dog, she will join us while watching TV. In the winter she likes the heat of the sun coming in the front window. in the summer she likes to be out of the porch feeling the heat in the shade. She’s never been a hunter or wanted to be outside except the porch. She uses her litter box. If she does not get a new home to the right person, I will take her with me and the dog and pray she adjusts.

Animal Type: Cat

Background Information

Where did you get this animal: I was asked to look after her for 6months. This was 12 years ago!
Why rehoming: I am hoping to avoid the stress of moving her to a condo 12 hours away.
How long have you had this animal: 12 years
Current Rabies: Yes
Current vaccines: Yes
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Heartworm tested: No
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
Good with strangers: No
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: No
Behavioral Concerns: very skittish
Afraid of: Everything! She never defends herself; she runs away and hides
Games like to play: does not play with toys.
If children, ages: No experience with children while they are awake (she was curious about them as they were little), but she did sleep next to my granddaughter after she fell asleep.

Please call (540) 521-0424 or email loripearson04@yahoo.com