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About Pudge

Pudge was the chunky one of the litter hence her name. She looks the most like her momma with white socks on her feet. She is a very sweet cat, tolerates snuggling, eats well, uses litter box. Loves to play and rough house with her brothers.

Animal Type: Cat

Background Information

Where did you get this animal: The Mother showed up in my yard in January, obviously pregnant, I took her in so she could have the babies and survive the winter
Why rehoming: Too many cats, not enough space
How long have you had this animal: Since she was born in February
Current Rabies: Yes
Current vaccines: No
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Heartworm tested: No
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: No
Good with strangers: No
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Behavioral Concerns: None that I know of
Afraid of: I haven't noticed any fears
Games like to play: We just play with toys, all the cats favorite is just a piece of knotted yarn on a stick swirled around on the floor. Their eyes get big and they chase it and catch it, roll around with it. I have lots of toys from birds/feathers on string to fake mice, captured ball toys, flopping fish.. they all get play.
If children, ages: They have not been around children, they also haven't been around dogs etc. like asked above, and I answered NO, because there was no I don't know space. I don't know if they're good with dogs, other cats, strangers, or kids. I answered that Pudge was crate trained only because she lived in a crate for 2 weeks after her reoperation spay surgery, and she definitely got used to it. If she had to do it a lot, I think she would be ok with it, as long as it didn't include the cone of shame, though honestly she tolerated that quite well also.

Please call (540) 871-9148 or email conraye@gmail.com