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About Rocky

Rocky is a Shar pei Lab mix that arrived at our home when he was 6 months old after a family member rescued him in Florida. Since we had a fenced in yard and space, we decided to foster until we found him a forever home. He is super energetic and playful. House and crate trained. Loves attention and playing in the yard. He wines and talks near a window when he is ready to come back inside. Bath time was not his favorite activity, but he has learned to be cooperative. Rocky enjoys human time both outdoors playing games and inside just cuddling. He is trained not to be on furniture or in the kitchen (at least when mom is around) but dad lets him slide occasionally. Rocky is humble and loving with the members of his family. He tries to console you if he sees you crying. His favorite thing to do is to lay by his human and stare with a loving gaze. He loves to walk on a trail by the river but does not like to swim. He needs a reminder to stop pulling when walking on the leash. This is a work in progress. He does not stay near human off leash when is out in the community. If he sees something interesting, he is gone. He likes to hunt rabbits and ducks as it’s a natural Labrador characteristic of hunting small prey. Spends time trying to catch squirrels. He loves to spend the day in the yard as long as the weather is not too hot or too cold. Rocky does well with long road trips. Relaxes quietly in his crate and cooperatively hops in and out for bathroom breaks. He definitely loves bacon flavored treats. Despite his aggression towards strangers when in his own territory, he has been boarded for several days at the vet, also has spent days and weeks at family members home while on vacation successfully without any negative or aggressive behaviors. **(He shows protective/aggressive traits only when in his own territory, but when is someone else’s home or out in the community he is a sweetheart).

Animal Type: Dog

Background Information

Where did you get this animal: From my brother in law in Florida. He rescued him but couldn't keep him because the landlord would not allow pets.
Why rehoming: Due to change in work schedule, he spends too many hours in his crate. It breaks my heart that we don't have enough time for him anymore.
How long have you had this animal: 3 years
Current Rabies: Yes
Current vaccines: No
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Heartworm tested: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
Good with strangers: No
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Behavioral Concerns: Shows aggression towards strangers and other dogs passing by when in his home territory. **Shared space with our Jack Russell for 1 year and did well with him until he passed away from old age and kidney failure. So, it is possible that since Rocky has not had to share space with another dog for a while, it may take him some time to adapt.
Afraid of: vacuum and fireworks.
Games like to play: Fetch, run and chase, play in the snow, loves to play with his chew toys and enjoys catching and chewing on twigs and branches. His favorite toy is a tennis ball and baseball. Loves to cuddle and he enjoys chest rubs. He loves company and is in play mode all day.
If children, ages: 5 to 16 years old

Please call (540) 759-2030 or email candelario31c@gmail.com