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About Roxy

Roxy is a smooth-coated Chihuahua. She loves to sun bathe. She has never lived with cats but would most likely be fine with them. She is really hoping to go as a pair with her sister Olive. She is friendly with everyone of all ages, humans and animals. Sometimes it just takes her a little bit to warm up to people. She doesn’t show aggression with any toys, food, baths or when asleep. She has a very mild energy level and she really likes to spend some time outside. She does bark at unfamiliar people that approaches the house or yard but usually warms up to everyone in the house just fine. She is completely fine riding in the car. Sometimes she urinates in the house but she is pee pad trained. She is still working on her house breaking without pee pads. She sometimes does tries to bite at the vet especially with needle pokes, otherwise fine.

Animal Type: Dog

Background Information

Where did you get this animal: Angels of Assisi
Why rehoming: work and home life schedule is not dog friendly anymore with long work days. my dogs are home alone alot more than what they deserve.
How long have you had this animal: 9 years
Current Rabies: Yes
Current vaccines: Yes
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Heartworm tested: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Good with strangers: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Behavioral Concerns: Sometimes She urinate in the house but she is pee pad trained. She is still working on her house breaking without pee pads. Sometimes tries to bite at the vet for needle pokes.
Afraid of: Roxy is nervous at first with unfamiliar people but usually warms up to anyone just fine.
Games like to play: She likes to play with plush toys and squeaky toys but not a huge fan of fetch or tug. She more so likes to chill out with whoever wants to join her.
If children, ages: She has been around babies, toddlers, and young children and there were no issues.

Please call (540) 526-6407 or email elizabeth.dove@vca.com