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About Tupelo

Tupelo (Tupi for short) is a year old and is very playful and curious. He’s neutered and declawed in the front, so he’s strictly indoors. He prefers very quiet environments, and I’m unsure how he would do with other animals or children (it’s only been the two of us). His diet has consisted of (mostly) grain-free food and he cannot have dry food only (he’s prone to bladder inflammation). He’s very loving and enjoys snuggling close whenever he can.

Animal Type: Cat

Background Information

Where did you get this animal: Coworker’s farm
Why rehoming: Major work schedule/travel changes
How long have you had this animal: 1 year
Current Rabies: Yes
Current vaccines: Yes
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Heartworm tested: Yes
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
Good with strangers: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: No
Behavioral Concerns: Tupi is quite curious and likes to explore and get into things, but he will listen when told no.While not necessarily behavior-related, if proper precautions aren’t taken he will chew cords.
Afraid of: Loud noises
Games like to play: Tupi loves to chase things and hunt. His favorite toys are small plush animals he can bat around, and he loves feather toys.
If children, ages: The only experience he has with children is occasionally being around my young nephew, who is quite loud. He has hissed at him, but doesn’t run to hide away.

Please call (865) 300-4222 or email jboldin23@gmail.com