Companion Animal Relief Fund

The C.A.Re Fund or Companion Animal Relief fund of the Roanoke Valley SPCA was set up to help economically challenged pet owners struggling with extraordinary veterinary expenses to keep their pets healthy and at home with them. We at the Roanoke Valley SPCA are committed to keeping pets and people together. The C.A.Re fund helps to do just that. If you are faced with relinquishing or euthanizing a dog or cat due to financial constraints, please consider applying for help. You can download the CARE Fund Application PDF and fax the completed form to (540) 342-6730, or you can complete the form online.

Please note that the C.A.Re fund is provided through the generous support of many kind individuals, businesses, and foundations. These supporters often have restrictions on how the funds are used and the amount distributed. Please know that the fund cannot be used for spay/neuter services, routine wellness care or maintenance medication. If you are looking for affordable veterinary care in these categories, please contact Mountain View Humane Clinic at 540-382-0222 or visit

We are grateful to the Louise R. Lester Foundation Grant and Petco Love for awarding the Roanoke Valley SPCA’s C.A.Re. Fund for their ongoing support. These much-needed funds will help us save lives by helping local pet owners with unexpected veterinary expenses that might otherwise force them to relinquish or euthanize their beloved pets.