P.E.T. (Pets Eat Too) Community Outreach Program

The P.E.T. (Pets Eat Too) Community Outreach Program of the Roanoke Valley SPCA provides services to keep people and pets united in the Roanoke Valley. Home-bound senior citizens can receive a supplemental supply of pet food delivered to them along with their protein-rich food from Meals-On-Wheels. Patients of Carilion Hospice can rest easier, knowing their furry companions are being fed. Community members who receive assistance from one of five area food banks are eligible to receive assistance with dog and cat food as well as cat litter. Low-income people with pets can receive pet food that we have delivered to our Food Pantry Partners – Bethel Baptist Church, Botetourt County and Lake Christian Ministries.

We want to ensure that at-risk community members will not have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their pets.  This service is available for pets in the following areas: Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke Counties as well as the cities of Salem and Roanoke and the town of Vinton.

More people than ever need this service as they struggle to meet their basic expenses during this troubling economic time. The PET Outreach Program serves about 500 senior and low-income clients every month.

More than 80,000 pounds of pet food is needed annually by our Food Pantry Partners for distribution to their clients with pets. The Roanoke Valley SPCA conducts pet food drives, solicits funds and secures grants to purchase and supplement the donations we receive. Our volunteers measure and bag meal-sized portions of pet food so seniors can easily feed their pets. The bagged food is then delivered to the Local Office on Aging to be delivered along with food from Meals-On-Wheels. Roanoke Valley SPCA staff collect, load, and deliver dry pet food to our Food Pantry Partners, whose volunteers mix, bag, and distribute pet food weekly to their low-income clients with pets.

You can help us to keep pets and people united by holding a pet food drive at your place of business. You can also bring donated food directly to the Roanoke Valley SPCA. For information about the P.E.T. program please call 339-9247.


We are thankful for the support of Alley Cat Allies, who have provided an emergency grant to help provide cat food for families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.