Admissions Process

Please understand that, as a safe shelter, the Roanoke Valley SPCA cannot accept every animal brought to our shelter. We treat every animal’s life as precious and will not resort to euthanasia to control the number of pets at our Barbara and Warner Dalhouse Education and Adoption Center. Therefore, we will accept the surrender of owned cats and dogs by appointment only as space allows.

We schedule appointments Weekdays between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Each appointment will last approximately 1 hour or longer. Please allow additional time if bringing multiple animals.

When you bring your pet(s), please have:

  • A completed owner surrender form
  • All veterinary records and any medications the pet may be currently on
  • Your pet’s bed, toys, leash, and other belongings from home
  • Your medical services fee of $25, per animal, in cash or debit/credit card (no checks please). Please contact us regarding special surrender fees for litters.

Why does the Roanoke Valley SPCA collect a medical services fee?

When we admit a pet to our adoption center, we are committed to providing for his or her care until adoption, regardless of the length of his stay with us. The veterinary treatment and routine daily care we provide your pet with will be costly. This fee is your contribution toward his or her continued care while awaiting a forever home.

When you arrive:

  • We will test your cat for feline AIDS and leukemia, or we will test your dog over 6 months of age for heartworms.
  • A staff member will evaluate the temperament of your pet.
  • After we evaluate your pet, we will meet with you to discuss your pet’s acceptance into our adoption program. If accepted, we will collect your medical services fee and ask you to sign paperwork legally relinquishing ownership of your pet to the Roanoke Valley SPCA. 


Before completing this form to request an appointment with the Intake Staff at the Roanoke Valley SPCA, I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the options listed at, and I have to the best of my ability pursued all available alternatives to pet relinquishment.