Found Sick or Injured Wildlife?

If you find a sick or injured wild animal or a baby animal in need of intervention, please contact the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center as soon as possible. The Center also has an excellent online resource to help the public with wildlife health issues, including how to safely assist injured wild animals, how to tell if a young animal is truly in need of help, and a variety of other information on wildlife issues and living with wildlife.

Injured Wildlife

Sick and injured wildlife need assistance from permitted wildlife rehabilitators or veterinarians. Please call the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center for advice on the best way to help. These animals may be having trouble breathing, lying on their side, bleeding profusely, have broken limbs and/or extensive wounds.

Healthy, Young Wildlife

Many young wild animals are not in need of “help” from humans at all; they are young animals still receiving care from their parents, or young animals that are ready to live and thrive on their own. The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center encourages those who care about wildlife to ask questions first about the most appropriate course of action.

You can contact the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center at (540) 798-9836.