Keeping families together…

The Transitional Foster Program gives families affected by life-changing situations the ability to get back on their feet without the fear of being separated from their family pets.

Our Transitional Foster Program is intended for people who have been rendered homeless through an unforeseen tragedy such as fire or flooding, people who are escaping a domestic abuse situation, or people who are or will be temporarily hospitalized with no way to house or care for their pet(s). 

Prior to acceptance into the program, the animal(s) must be seen by our veterinarian, and this is by appointment only as we are a busy working clinic. All dogs must be tested for heartworm and cats must be combo tested. If positive, we cannot accept. Likewise, if the animal is aggressive, we cannot accept that animal due to the liability.

For more information about our Transitional Foster Program please contact our Pet & Animal Welfare Services Coordinator, or call 540.339.9506.