The Roanoke Valley SPCA presents our Humane Education Facebook Live Series.  Weekly we will be presenting Humane Education Lessons which fall under Virginia Standard of Learning.  For more information, contact Ruth.

Tuesday’s at 10 am for children grades K-3

Thursday’s at 1 pm for children grades 4-6


Missed a presentation?  Below are the pages for the different sessions.

March 24th   Roanoke Valley SPCA Intro and Community Engagement

March 26th    Cats Body Language Web Series Video

Coloring Cat Handout

March 31th

HE Series 3 Handout cat   HE Series 3 Handout dog

April 2nd  Over Population Lesson

OVERPOPULATION FLIP BOOK   HE 4 Counting Cats and Dogs Handout

April 10th  Playing with Cats

April 12th  Parasites 

Animal Parasite Worksheet

April 14th  What Can Dogs and Cat Can and CanNOT Eat

What a dog can and cannot eat

April 16th  Dog Body Language

Bingo TemplateDog Origami

April 21st  Earth Day Theme

April 23rd  Earth Day Theme

April 27th  Interview with Dr McFarling, our shelter vet!

April 30th  Animal Adaptations

May 5th  Visit to Harmony Equestrian Center

May 7th  Working in the Shelter – Adoption Counselor

May 14  Horse Health at Harmony Equestrian Center

May 19 Dog Training with Beverly Amsler of The Well-Trained Dog and Pet Care    

May 21 Virginia Snakes

May 26 Preventing Dog and Cat Homelessness

Prevent and Reduce Pet Homelessness

May 28 The Animal Human Bond