We welcome children of all ages from local outreach organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Scouts, camps, after-school program, children from pre-school through high school to visit the Roanoke Valley SPCA! Our Educational group opportunities include a Tour of our shelter and (depending on which pets are available) animal meet-n-greet, along with the age-appropriate education including positive reinforcement training, the health benefits of spay/neuter, and more.

There is a $5 donation fee per participant for Educational sessions at the Roanoke Valley SPCA. With groups of children under the age 18, there should be 1 adult chaperone per 5 children in attendance. Chaperones can attend free of charge; however, additional adults may be asked to submit the $5 fee. Sessions range from 90-120 minutes long and are limited to 15 students total.

Youth outreach visits are scheduled in advance. To schedule a visit, please click here.