We all love our pets, but in today’s society where so many of us are transient, we do have a special place for your pets to rest eternally. But, nestled at the foot of Read Mountain, Pet Haven Memorial Gardens is two acres dedicated by the Roanoke Valley SPCA as a burial place for your beloved pet.

You have provided care for your beloved companions who gave so much during their lives, this is an option for you to continue to do so once you’ve said good. Pet Haven allows for the burial of your beloved companion as well as a special Rainbow Bridge for the scattering of pet ashes.

Pet Haven Memorial Gardens is located at 7515 Shadwell Drive in Roanoke County. At Pet Haven Memorial Gardens, we help you keep the memory of your pet alive. The services that we offer are described below:

Plots are sold based on availability. The price of a plot is based on the size of the animal and include perpetual care fees as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The current prices are as follows:

Size of Plot Weight of Animal Cost
Small Under 10 Pounds $200.00
Medium 10 to 40 Pounds $250.00
Large 40 to 75 Pounds $300.00
Extra Large Over 75 Pounds $350.00

All burials will take place according to staff availability. We require a minimum of three days advance notice to prepare the grave for the burial, but will do our best to accommodate your wishes. If you would like to be present prior to or during the burial we would appreciate knowing this when making arrangements for your pet as extra planning is required. The current cost for preparing the grave (including closing the grave following the burial) is as follows:

Size of Plot Cost
Small $200.00
Medium $250.00
Large $300.00
Extra Large $350.00

To be buried at Pet Haven, al pets must be buried within a casket (wooden caskets are not acceptable). To purchase a casket, we recommend contacting Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory.

Pets buried at Pet Haven Memorial Gardens must have a permanent marker placed on the grave site within sixty days. The Roanoke Valley SPCA will order a marker for you or you may purchase your marker directly from an approved supplier. The two approved supplier are as follows:

Blue Ridge Monument, Inc.
229 W. Main Street
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: 375-3895

Buck Simmons Vault Services, Inc.
PO Box 733
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: 380-2370

Should you choose to have the Roanoke Valley SPCA staff member order the marker, an additional $25 convenience fee will be added for the cost of handling.
The Roanoke Valley SPCA will be glad to pick up your pet from a local home or veterinarian. The Roanoke Valley SPCA does not have the space to respectfully hold your pet until burial. The Roanoke Valley SPCA will charge $25 to pick up your pet.

Individuals wishing to use the Rainbow Bridge to scatter their pets cremated ashes may do so. If you need cremation services we recommend Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory or B&B Kenenls.

You may add simple decorations to the grave site. Flowers should be kept in vases. Staff will remove weathered, damaged, or worn decorations and flowers.
The Roanoke Valley SPCA is not responsible for items left at the grave site that may become damaged, lost, or stolen.

Payment in full is required at the time services are provided.

For additional information please contact Ruth Pierce at (540)339-9506