Last week we had the privilege to assist a neighboring facility with a large intake of cats from a pretty unfortunate situation. Many of the cats were sickly and underweight.

Some were pretty social and others were not. A few were pregnant, several were kittens, and their ages varied. One young mother had seven kittens around two weeks old. The mother herself weighed only six pounds.

We were able to bring twenty cats into our care, leaving room for the partner facility to help with the other cats who still needed to be caught. We had a packed van during the transport, but as soon as the cats arrived at our facility, they were provided with clean quiet sheltering, and fresh water.


Then our staff needed to get down to the business of the medical exams. The kittens weren’t very happy with us, but we knew starting them on medication would make them feel much better!


Once the exams were done, the cats were able to return to their enclosures and get their bellies full with food before settling down for a nice long nap.


We’re thankful to our amazing fosters for taking so many of these cats into their care while they recover. With proper care and a lot of love, we look forward to seeing how these cats and kittens grow over the next few weeks!

If you or someone you know is struggling to care for pets, please reach out to us. We understand that situations can quickly become overwhelming, and we at the Roanoke Valley SPCA want to be a first resource for our community instead of a last resort. By working together, we hope to keep difficult situations from turning into emergencies.