Jess is an Adoptions Counselor with the Roanoke Valley SPCA, In this role, Jess looks after all aspects of adoptions, including making sure the animals are stress free during meet and greets and making sure she helps find the right fit for the animals and adopters.

Before joining the Roanoke Valley SPCA in June 2023, Jess worked for a year at Country Air Vacation Kennels. She has three dogs and one cat.  Fang and Fluffy are English/American Labrador mix brothers she adopted. Puka is a senior Pug/Chihuahua mix, and Boo is a senior domestic shorthair kitty who she says will, “100%, without a doubt, paw at my bottom lip in the mornings if I’m oversleeping. We adopted him when we saved him from a fire at the pet store he was in as a kitten.”.

Jess  joined the Roanoke Valley SPCA because she loves all types of animals more than anything in the whole world. She wanted a job where she was actively helping animals, whether it was finding homes or helping them with behavioral/medical issues. She plans on becoming a Vet Tech so she also wanted to work somewhere I was getting helpful information on how to become one.

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