Holiday Giving 2021

Spaz and Timber were born with a condition called cerebellar hypolasia, more commonly known as wobbly cat syndrome. Thanks to our amazing fosters, Lindsay and Andrew, the kittens and their Mama were given the chance to grow and thrive in a loving home. The couple enjoyed having the trio so much that they eventually adopted all three cats! Check out the kittens playing with a laser pointer below! Your support allows us to take in […]

What does “Foster to Adopt” Mean?

At the Roanoke Valley SPCA, we take pride in the amount of care and support we provide to our pets. The shelter, despite all of our best efforts, is a scary place for a lot of animals. Most of the dogs coming through the shelter are able to adjust their circumstances and are adopted to great homes quickly. However, there are some that end up needing an extra bit of support. This does not mean […]