Violet is now looking for her new home!

Violet originally came to the Roanoke Valley SPCA in 2010 as a puppy, was fostered until she was old enough to be spayed and was adopted in early 2011. In September 2020, we received word from the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, the municipal pound for our community, that Violet had landed herself at their facility. Violet, a nearly 10 year old vibrant and friendly tan mixed breed, had a very large open mass on her right side, and our medical director Dr. Jennifer McFarling knew Violet needed our help to have the mass removed as soon as possible.

Dr. McFarling consulted with Vinton Veterinary Hospital, one of our many veterinary partners, and scheduled surgery for Violet to have her mass removed on September 22. Despite the mass, Violet remained a happy and sweet dog, who loves going for walks on her leash and playing with other dogs. Her whole body wiggles when she wags her tail!

While waiting for the results of Violet’s tumor biopsy, the shelter staff took special care of Violet, making sure she got lots of attention and affection. They also had to make sure that Violet didn’t lick or scratch at her surgical site, resorting to an e-collar and bandaging her foot! Violet was determined to scratch that itch!

Despite all of our efforts to keep Violet from her stitches, this tricky girl managed to scratch open her sutures and had to spend a Sunday night at Emergency Veterinary & Specialty Services of Roanoke to be stitched back up and have a drain put in her surgery site.

While the tumor was malignant, the veterinary surgeon felt that they had removed all of the cancerous cells and the type of tumor was not likely to return.

Violet is on the mend and is ready to be adopted into a loving home. We have the opportunity to tell her story because of the Sara Jane and Mickey Second Chance Fund – her treatment cost over $1,260 and was covered by your generous donations.

Like most of us, Violet has been through a lot in 2020, but she is ready to end it on a high note! Although she’s not a fan of cats or other small animals, she’s always smiling and ready to give her humans a big wet kiss! Our vet staff had a hard time examining her because she kept licking their faces! Interested in getting to know Violet better? Check out Violet and all of our available dogs and cats here.

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Violet is on the mend and is ready to be adopted into a loving home.