We are grateful for the bold vision and dynamic leadership of our all-volunteer Board of Directors that has been essential to our organizational longevity and programmatic success.

The governance responsibility of the Board of Directors falls into the following three broad categories:

  1. Assurance of Integrity and Accountability: the Board assures that the activities of the Roanoke Valley SPCA conform to legal standards and ethical norms as outlined in the Roanoke Valley SPCA’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and applicable laws. In addition, the Board ensures that the CEO is accountable for adhering to these standards.
  2. Planning and Evaluation of Programs and Services: The Board is responsible for determining the mission and overall goals of the Roanoke Valley SPCA. The CEO and management team determine the methods to achieve the mission and goals established by the Board. Programs and services are evaluated based on the achievement of goals as they are established by the Board.
  3. Acquisition and Management of Resources: the Board assures that the Roanoke Valley SPCA has the resources and reserves it needs to operate and that those resources are managed properly.

September 2020 through August 2021 Board of Directors

Stephanie Hoer – President

Lynda McGarry – Vice President

Spencer Wiegard – Vice President 

Allison Wolf – Treasurer

Kim Lombard – Secretary


Board Members

Allison Wolf

Ashley Ratliff

Cathy LaPrade

Danna Owen

Glenda Morris

Hannah Curtis

Heather Lindstrom

Joan Hurley

Kathy Munsey

Kathy Murphy-Stephenson

Lori East

Mardi Belfiore

Melanie Morris

Shannon Waddell

Taylor Penn

Terry Dowdy